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It's Real Huawei!
    In addition to 5G, Huawei also has more than 100,000 patents. This...
[ 2018/12/12 ]More>>
Xiaomi's Revenue From India Market Will Exceed 2 Billion U.S. dollars And 100 Retail Stores Will Be Opened
According to foreign reports, China's smart phone manufacturer Xiaomi will release at least 6 sma...
[ 2018/3/16 ]More>>
Meizu "MBLU" S6 And Samsung Hand In Hand
     The full screen wave that started in the second half year of 2017 has no...
[ 2018/1/22 ]More>>
Coming Out Dual-Screen Mobile Phone!
     Recently there is a mobile phone catches everyone's attention, that is, ...
[ 2018/1/22 ]More>>
3D Glass Now Meets Its Highest Fashion Throughout The Market
    Overwhelming news in recent times about 3D glass made it pretty popular. And n...
[ 2018/1/22 ]More>>
Huaqiang North Electronic Market, Is Still The No.1?
    Huaqiang North Electronic Market, total area of nearly 200,000 square meters, ...
[ 2018/1/21 ]More>>
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