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3D Glass Now Meets Its Highest Fashion Throughout The Market

Time:2018/1/22Posted:HK Shenyuan Technology Limited

    Overwhelming news in recent times about 3D glass made it pretty popular. And now, regardless of Samsung Galaxy S8 or Xiaomi Mi6, both have adopted a double-sided glass design. In fact, before S8 and Mi6, there was also a new model with double-sided glass design -- Huawei Honor 8 Lite. But what made it hottest is the new generation of iPhone: iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X.


    Since 3D glass is so popular, but what exactly is it? How is the preparation technology,  and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Can it become a new trend in 3C industry applications? Today we share some analysis together.

    Now the glass cover of recent digital products is divided into: 2D glass, 2.5D glass, as well as 3D glass. 2D glass is common plain glass, without any arc design; 2.5D glass means the middle is plane, but the edge is curved design; and 3D glass screen, means both in the middle and the edge are curved design.




    The early screen (or back cover) of mobile phone was originally a 2D screen, but with 2.5D glass being used by well-known manufacturers such as Apple (iPhone 6 / 6S), Samsung (Note 4), vivo and Xiaomi, now 2.5D glass has become the first choice of many mobile phone manufacturers.

    As Samsung, VIVO, Xiaomi and Apple prefer to 3D glass, making it the hottest topic in the mobile circle!


    Glass's raw material is inexpensive, and touches comfortable, making it an excellent alternative material; at the same time in order to get symmetrical with the 3D glass screen, 3D glass backplane is being in high gear, therefore the market scale furtherly expand.


    Today, thanks to the release of iPhone 8/8 plus and iPhone X, the 3D glass backplaine are getting hotter, and many of the mobile phone case manufacturers is targeting at this field, they design and produce a lot of glass series protective back covers, winning a good reputation in the market. The current models selling well is Apple iPhone series, & domestic mobile brand OPPO, and latest models of Huawei.


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